Short story: Huntin’ by V. L. Murray

Friday November 21st, 2014 marked the release day for the paranormal short story Huntin’ , the latest from author V. L. Murray.

Huntin’ is a thriller which highlights the teachings of the Medicine Wheel as it lures the reader into the world of a young man trying to escape his past.

Here’s an excerpt from the story.

“Usually it was Hawk who called to her from above and helped her on her day’s journey, communicating with single piercing cries whenever she needed guidance. Hawk would appear in her dreams, sometimes showing the future.

He had come two weeks ago as she was dreaming, and told her the story of the hunt camp to come. She sighed again with resolve, knowing what she must do if Spirit was ever to return to her beloved son. Now, Wolf howled once more, and this time Jack looked up as if listening to its voice.

“I think he’s calling to you, my son. Wolf has been around a lot lately.”

A wry smile touched Jack’s face. “Maybe it’s just because he’s being driven out of his habitat by all the construction around here. Maybe he’s just complaining. I would.”

There was no point in arguing. He would understand soon enough. Now, she needed to continue her preparations for their journey. Much food had to be assembled, equipment and clothing, tools and tents. There were lots of things to do. And then there was some personal preparation she needed to finish. She hoped Hawk would come tonight in her dreams and refresh her memory of the future to be. She would find some sage for smudge and make herself ready for the night.”

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Five star review on Amazon:

5.0 out of 5 stars Paranormal, a bit of history, good suspense,, November 23, 2014
By Susan Davis
This review is from: Huntin’ (Kindle Edition)
Book Review – Huntin’
Author: V. L. Murray
Genre: Literary Paranormal Short Story

First Line: “Bet it’s colder ’n hell up there,” Jack muttered as he threw his winter parka onto the ever growing pile of clothes in the middle of the bed.

There’s something to folklore or legends, and even myths, like part truth, part speculation, and a good portion of belief. Ms. Murray draws on all, intertwining fact, fiction, and belief in this literary paranormal marvel of a read.

Follow Jack down a journey of anger, discovery, and danger – old ways that prove strong and valid in his family lineage, Dene, First Nations from Northern Canada.

This story proved a great escape into a world within my own, one I found quite intriguing and thought provoking. Great read if you enjoy paranormal, suspense, and maybe a little history of Native Canada.

Reviewed by Susan Davis


5.0 out of 5 stars image

This beautifully written tale blends the grand sweep of nature with …, November 21, 2014
Verified Purchase(What’s this?)
This review is from: Huntin’ (Kindle Edition)
Jack goes on a reluctant journey home, to the northern woods, to the cold, to the dark, but also to his beloved grandfather, an old man balancing on the precipice between life and death, harboring within him an ancient, powerful and bloodcurdling secret, a secret revealed to Jack as he is pursued by a cruel killer. Will the secret be enough to save him? This beautifully written tale blends the grand sweep of nature with the ancient spiritual woodland spirits to create a spine-tingling tale that will keep you turning the pages and going back again and again. Great value!! Great story!!




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