Special Offer 5 Days Only. 5 Historical Novels in 1 Romance Bundle

This is the deal of the century! Outstanding stories. I’m a total addict!

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The pre-order has ended the special offer has begun.

Special Offer

5 historical novels in 1 Romance Bundle by Rosemary Morris.

1,313 pages.

Special offer.  $4.99  (£3.23)

Full price $29.75

Discount $24.76


The bundle will be available from the 28th November, 2014 to the 2nd December, 2014

Available from  nook and all reputable vendors.

False Pretences.  Annabelle runs away from school into the arms of a charismatic gentleman…but can she trust him to help her?

Far Beyond Rubies  When their eyes first meet, Gervaise’s soul recognises Juliana’s and from that moment on, their destinies become inevitably entwined.

Sunday’s Child  If Major Tarrant expects Sunday’s Child, a Regency lady, to be a ‘bread and butter’ Miss he will be surprised.

Tangled Love  The throne has been usurped by James II’s daughter and son-in-law, Mary and William of Orange. In 1693, loyal to his oath of…

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Downton Abbey Christmas Special: The London Season



“I suppose it came to me that these balls and presentations and comings out are not aristocratic folderol, but the traditions by which members of this family mark their progress through life.” -Isobel Crawley 

This was the reason to tune in to the Christmas Special. Downton’s recreation of the Coming Out ceremony that started the aristocratic social season. This was an aristocratic tradition that ran from the 17th century until Queen Elizabeth abolished it in 1958. For us Americans, the episode was a glimpse into a world of status and wealth that never was successfully recreated here (though not for lack of trying.) It was all there–the young ladies in debutante white, the ostrich feathers, the standing on ceremony. (Though the Dowager is poked a little fun at for wanting to present Rose, the moment makes it clear that it is the older generation who have not accepted modernity who truly

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Great to see “Nightmares” coming out in hard copy and yes we are diligently working on “Visions” the sequel. V.L.Murray

Donna Jean McDunn


The cover for Visions: book two of The Nightmares Series  was created by Charlie (Charlotte) Volnek, a very talented cover artist. The book  is in the process of being edited and published by MuseItUp Publishing, in May or June 2014. I hope! As soon as the book is ready, and all the editing is finished, I will post a short excerpt from it.

For now, I will say that many of the characters from the first book return, plus a few other interesting characters that will cause problems and disrupt life for Emily and Tony. But there will be one who will return and give Emily the forgiveness she’s craved since she was a child and failed to save her best friend.

Here is “Visions” described in one sentence: Emily must help a murdered child and her family find closure and stop a vengeful ghost from destroying innocent lives.

If you…

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